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Consultex Zwilindo Prima is home to some of the most unique and innovative interior decorators and designers around the world. Our rich artistic history along with our legendary urban planning lends a hand to creating useful and attractive designs.


Consultex Zwilindo was founded by W.S.Rahayu Baum as an entrepreneurial business to create and inspire people’s needs for interior design and decorations. In 2006, Consultex opened a showroom in Bandung and Winnie’s Kissenschlacht was born as brand name. In this transitional period, the company has introduced various products not only in interior design and decorations but also in fashion accessories using natural material from Indonesia.

In mid 2007, with bringing the slogan “BEING UNIQUE, BEING SPECIAL,” Consultex merged with Boca Art Production, lead by Ms. Nilawati. The merge brought in their famous handmade line of products Tamales and Kataku, this has earned the company with a bigger position to serve our customer and offer them satisfaction in domestic and foreign market. The company itself transform as consultant’s company.

We have representative offices in Boca Raton, Florida (USA), Jakarta, Indonesia and Germany.

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