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Natural Products
A collectible beautiful rare and commond species of dried butterfly encased in classic, contemporary, and modern style of frames.

The elegant framed art of dried collectible butterfly can add to any room in the house as accessories and an easy complement for any home wall décor. It%u2019s nice as special and unique collectible gift for your beloved one, your family or your friends.

Reverse Glass Painting
Reverse Glass Painting - Unique and Innovative Technique

Glass painting is virtual expression using glass as a media. The glass painting technique needs special skills of correctness, care and patience in its process.

Painting on glass is a very time-consuming and difficult handcraft operation. There is no room for mistakes because whatever is first painted on the glass (base), it is always what is shown on the other side of the glass, and there’s no way to be able to retouch or change. The image painted on the glass, goes through the same technique and scrutiny as those painted on canvas, paper or wood; but when we look at the image, we look through the glass - which serves both as a support and a protective varnish. Everything is backwards from traditional painting. The working image is on the back of the glass. The viewer looks trough the glass on to the painted layers. The synergy of paint and glass has a depth and luminousness unlikely in any other medium.

The painting is in fragile and sometimes it's even necessary to redo an artwork. That's why so called Limited Edition came up because it is 100% handmade and actually no two are precisely the same. It may be barely noticeable difference in tins or shades (never in drawing just because it's not a print. It is high quality product and giving you satisfaction to enjoy a beautiful work of art.

Glass painting art, a traditional form of art used as an esthetics object and media for spreading of religion in West Java - Indonesia, today is used as a form of expressing classic or modern art not seeing before.

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